What do you do? I am a pebbles remover. 

Have you ever had a pebble in your shoe?

At first, you pretend it’s nothing, you try to ignore it. Then you start shaking your foot at every step hoping that the peddle will position itself in such a way that will not give you much trouble, maybe on the side or in the empty gap between the tip of the foot and the tip of the shoe.

But after a few minutes, the pebble moves and starts annoying you again. And there you have to stop. With one arm you lean against the wall. Balancing on one leg you bend the other knee, lift the foot up to the thigh while with the other hand you remove the shoe. You turn it upside down, shake it a little and finally, there it is an imperceptible tiny little pebble.

And you wonder how it is possible that a piece of stone so insignificant can give you so much trouble and even making you stop walking!

Sometimes problems are like those pebbles: before they seem huge, they prevent us from walking and cause us a malaise that is hard to bear. But when we remove them we realize how small they were.

And this is the coach’s job: to help you take off your shoes and see that what kept you from moving on was just a small pebble.

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