How I Serve You

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Through one-to-one coaching and group programs, I help executives and leaders get the desired results.

Career Coaching

With one-to-one career coaching I help professionals get clarity and confidence, and develop new skills for their new job.

Intrapreneurship at Work

This is a 6-month program for companies who want to forster the entrepreneurial spirit of their best employees for them to come up with creative and innovative solutions within the company.

Trainings & Workshops

For companies or organizations wanting to create a better working environment, my intervention with your team will help you reach your objectives and improve the performances of your employees and your leaders.


Thanks for visiting my website and nice to meet you!

My name is Chiara, I am Italian, I live in Brussels and I am a Coach.

When you think of a Coach, the image that immediately comes to your mind is that of a motivator yelling in your ears to encourage you to do things you don’t want to do.

That’s not me. I don’t scream, I listen to you.

Whether you want your dream job, have more confidence in yourself, find love or improve your relationship, keep reading…



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