Get the job you want!

Does your job make you happy?
I help you discover your dream career, the type of
work you would most love to do. The job in which your natural talents meet your passions.

Personal growth

Get the life you want!

Are you aware of your talents?
I help you uncover your strengths, your unique competences that make you special. The talents that will allow you to live the life that you want.


Get the love (and sex) you want!

Do you have the love that you deserve?
I will help you get clarity on your values, needs and desires to have better communication and deeper and loving connections. A relationship that will allow both parts to flourish.

About me

My mission is to support people flourish and blossom. I help them reveal their hidden potential, and highlight their competences.

I support people changing their limiting beliefs and clarifying their core values so that their actions and behaviours are coherent and aligned.

To do that I use coaching, NLP, training, facilitation, team building. I work in English, French and Italian.

My audience are amazing brave people who have to courage to change and get the life they want. I learn from them every day.

Chiara de Caro



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Avenue Circulaire 50, 1180 Uccle. 

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Chiara de Caro
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