3 Instagram tools for fellow coaches (and other users too)


I must admit, during those holidays I have developed a minor Instagram addiction!

I didn’t really see the benefits of it before last week. And then boom! I couldn’t stay away from it for more than a few minutes, I needed to have a look at all the latest stories, to like the latest pictures.

Since I have a professional account there, I was curious to try it for my coaching business. I have been sharing some stories, some motivational images, some readings and inspirations to my followers and clients.

I honestly think that this addiction is going to quickly fade away. I am not even sure I want to exploit Instagram from a professional perspective since I am in the middle of a process of moving away from a social presence in favor of more intimate and deep personal connections.

But in case some of my fellow coaches would like to give it a try, here are 3 useful tools I have discovered during my addiction time and that might be useful for you:



Instagram doesn’t allow you to repost content from another user. Repost is an app that allows you to do that. So when you see a motivational quote that you really like and you want to quote the source, or when a friend tags you in a picture and you want to share it on your feed, repost in the perfect app for you.




If you are an avid Instagram user you might have noticed that you can’t upload external videos to your feed. What about that TED talk you really want to share? Or that inspirational speech from Oprah? Tube2gram provides you with the solution. Tube2gram is a website that allows you to add a Youtube video to your Instagram feed. FYI I have used it to upload a speech from Madonna and I had a lip-sync issue. But maybe you can do better!




One of the most frustrating things about Instagram is that it doesn’t allow you to save other people’s images on your smartphone. DownloadGram is a website that allows you to download Instagram photos on your phone. To be clear, I am not talking about saving people’s private pictures, on the contrary, I find totally unrespectful to do that. But this website can be very useful for coaches to save the thousands of beautiful motivational quotes and poster quotes that can be found on Instagram.

Disclaimer: you can download Instagram pictures for personal reasons only. You can’t share those pictures publicly or for professional purposes unless you have the authorization of the author in order to respect copyright rules.  



Let me know whether those tools were useful for your professional or private account! Do you know other tools that I should add to the list? Share them in the comments below!

PS: I am curious to know, are you using Instagram for your coaching practice? In which way? What’s the main advantage of using it? And the disadvantage? What does it add to your business?